Committed to Kent State for Fall 2017!

Hi, My daughter has decided to definitely attend Kent State this fall! I thought that others doing the same might want to share info about housing, orientation, and otherwise preparing to enter Kent State. If not, that is okay too.

If you want to share, you can copy and then paste and edit for your post.

Here is some of my daughter’s info so far. I know this has been posted in other threads, so I apologize for repeating.

Planned major:
ASL Interpreting, College of Education, Health, and Human Services

Planned minor:
Possibly Fine Art if time allows

Honors college: yes

Home state: Kentucky

Dorm requested: First choice is Manchester, then the others in the Eastway complex; chosen because Manchester is the Education living learning community; and because of the Vegetarian food in the Eastway building

Roommate plan: Found a roommate on the Facebook page

First or last student to go to college? second and final child to go!

Why student chose Kent State? has her major, wanted to go a distance from home but not too far, nice campus facilities, meeting with professor during Golden Flash Days was very encouraging, affordable with scholarship, large public school is what she was looking for, to have a typical college experience, with lots of clubs and activities.


My daughter is leaning heavily toward Kent. Can you let me know the fb page info? So she can join and look for a roomie etc.
we are from Maryland.
my daughter is a theatre major/ musical theatre specifically.

@theaterwork The Facebook page is called "Kent State University Class of 2021 Roommate Search (Girls)
Just type that into the search box on Facebook.

Thanks @2kidsinky we found the page but I wonder if my daughter should do the generic roommate survey when she pays deposit and see what happens… I feel like being a theatre major she is going to be keeping sorta odd hours from rehearsals etc. not sure what she should do…she is attending summer theatre pre college there too in July but I’m guessing it may be too late at that point to pick a roommate from that group…

@theaterwork I was looking at some info that Kent sent us and it reminded me of how by daughter actually did the housing and roommate. When you register for housing and pay the $40 app fee and the $200 prepayment, then they should send you a link to their “RoomSync” app which allows you to find a roommate. Then if you do find a roommate, you can go back into your app and edit it, adding the roommate’s name. One reason to go ahead and pay the fees and submit the app as soon as you can is that room assignments will be first come, first served. May 1 is the last day to let them know if the student is not coming to Kent State, and then the $200 would be refundable. My daughter also went back into the application and changed the meal plan we had picked, and it was easy.

Check out and the student can update her log in info, and then apply.