Common ap essay

I have a topic I would like to explore more into but I don’t know if its worthwhile.

I was going to write about my relationship with my family (focusing on my brother) and discuss how he was a large influence on what I want to do in my life but how we don’t speak anymore. I blamed myself for it all throughout high school but it taught me that I can’t control life and people.

any thoughts?

Explore it more, but be willing to walk away from it if not right. Worries with no speaking, blame self and learning that can’t control life and people. The essay should be about you. This may or may not get there IMO.

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as long as you are the star of your commonapp essay - write whatever!

I personally explored and wrote 6 full essays after finding the right one for myself. Some essays made me cry while writing and revisiting them because there was so much of raw emotion in them. However, I decided to walk away from them after deciding that they might not be the best from a college essay pov. Know that your essay might be brilliant yet not say much about you - and this is when you should pivot.

When you have written your draft, ask questions like “what can someone who doesn’t know me learn from this?; what is my personality looking like?” and maybe even ask your friends/family what qualities of you does the essay highlight. Then compare this list of answers with the kind of applicant you think you are and would like to be reflected in your application.

Hope this helps, good luck!!

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Thank you! It does help. Its been hard coming up with a topic that I feel is interesting but also focuses on me :sweat_smile:

Explore it more.

Hey, Nikki!

I think its a brilliant idea for an essay. Personal issues can relate to people if they are written in a good manner and are not crossing the line to diary-styled writing. I recommend you taking into account all the prompts and rules but dont forget to add “liveness” to your text so that it catches the eye.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: