Common App Activities are CONFUSING AS FRIED CHICKEN


<p>So I'm super confused by the Common App activities format. I think the new drop-down system really threw me off. What goes in the "Position held..." box and what goes in the "Details and Accomplishments" box? Should I try to fill both even if one box is enough for an activity?</p>

<p>So, for example, is this a correct use of the boxes:</p>

<p>Drop-down: Other Club/Activity
Position held etc.: Co-founded [COMPANY NAME] Inc., a social networking startup, and served as Chief Technology Officer
Details and Accomplishments: Hired and directed a team of Israeli programmers to develop the service, paid for with angel funding</p>

<p>Somebody please help, I don't understand at all!</p>

<p>i'm doing it the way you are, except i'd put the company name and "social networking startup" under details</p>

<p>Hm. Unfortunately, doing it that way won't fit in the boxes. :-(</p>

<p>Can anybody else confirm this? I'm still not quite sure...</p>

<p>I agree with zoneout1001. I'd put CTO under "position held" and the company name and other details in "details and accomplishments". I also had the problem of running out of space in the box. However, you can always attach more information to elaborate in "additional information"/attach a resume. The EC section is supposed to be about highlighting certain aspects of your activities, so only put the really important information in the box. For example, is the angel funding part really necessary? Do you have to include that the programmers were Israeli?</p>

<p>I hope that helps :).</p>