Common App Activities List Order

After submitting basically all my college applications, I’m finding out that the order of the activities list on the common app is supposed to be in the order of preference. Although most of it is, I added two strong ones towards the bottom when they should be in the top 5. Is this a big mistake? I also have an attached resume sent to all the colleges too with all my activities and work. Please let me know really stressing!

We pondered this for a long time and eventually just did a random mix between athletics, community, and academic stuff. One problem was the limit on items so we chose the academic and community that were in the same line of what she was majoring in and her future career choice. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. The colleges we applied to really seemed to want to get to know everything about the student and I’m sure they will look at them all equally. On a positive note your list ends with some good ones that will be the last ones they see.

Thank you for the information!