Common App and Coalition App Recommendations

I will be using Common App and Coalition App for my college applications this fall and had a question about recommendations. This questions applies to both application platforms: are you able to have different teachers submit recommendations to some colleges but not submit to other colleges? For example, could I have my social studies teacher submit a recommendation to CalTech but not to University of Michigan and have my math teacher submit a letter to UMich instead (but not CalTech)?

Yes, the Common & Coalition Application both require you to choose (out of your list of invited recommenders) which ones you want to assign to a college.

However, you CANNOT choose to have a recommender submit a tailored letter of recommendation via both application systems: your teacher will need to write a general letter of recommendation that can be submitted to any college (unless you’re only applying to one school.) If you do want to have your recommendation personalized (if you’re applying ED somewhere, for example,) it might be possible to have your teacher email a copy of their recommendation to the college directly: but it’s a better idea to submit everything via the online application system, both to keep everything in one place and b/c colleges understand applicants are sending the same letters out to multiple schools.

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!