Common App-AP Test Score Reports?

<p>Hi, I'm filling out the common app and it wants me to list the number of AP test scores I wish to report including ones I"m planning to take.
So, if I plan to take 5 AP tests this year and I put them down, do I have to send them to the college I get accepted to when the scores come out in July? I'm kind of confused by that. Do colleges keep track of which ones you are planning to take and wait until you send them your scores for those tests?
What if I put down that I'm planning on taking let's say AP Physics 1 but I end up not taking the AP test. Does that matter?</p>

<p>I don’t think the AP tests that you self report are all that important; I highly doubt that colleges will keep track of it.
Also, many (if not all) colleges want you to send AP scores after you’re accepted – not 100% sure though, hope someone else can affirm this?</p>

<p>The Common App asks you if you want to report your scores; it is not mandatory, but if your transcript lists an AP course, I’d suggest listing the scores. Otherwise you risk that the admission officer will think that either: a) you were not motivated enough to take the test, or b) you took the test and got a 1.</p>

<p>Unless a college accepts AP scores in lieu of SAT subject tests (e.g. NYU), only send your scores after you have been accepted. Otherwise, you are wasting money.</p>

<p>It is extremely unlikely that someone will cross-reference to see if you actually took the test in May of your senior year. Plans change. Not a thing to worry about.</p>

<p>Self-report the ones you want; do not pay to send any actual AP reports until you are confirmed accepted by a single school and you accept. Then you can choose to decide which of the AP results you want to send to your new college.</p>

do we also have to list the ap tests we want to take the following year even if we might not report the scores?

Self report is totally up to you. You can put your planned test there and it is not a problem even if you do not take the test at the end.