Common App due and I can't apply ;(

<p>So like the title says, the common app is due today for the school I'm applying for, but it's been completely filled out and I've been trying to submit it. Turns out that in the School Forms section of the app I need to select a teacher to add. There is nothing to click, no scroll down, no drop down box, nothing. If I click the "Add Recommendation" it makes another Select Teacher thing appear, but there's no names to choose from or anything. I've been trying at this for days and I also read in the Common App Help section that it's OK to send in the Counselor and Teacher letters and transcript after you submit the application, but I can't because the common app keeps telling me that I need at least 1 Teacher rec. . It's seriously worrying me, because well.. The application is due today. What can I do?</p>

<p>Call the commonapp help line ... Today is a final due date for many colleges, so it may be hard to get through, so be patient.</p>

<p>Also, have you already invited this teacher for another app? Or is this a 2nd teacher to add to the app? The other option is you print out the teacher eval hardcopy (you can get downloads from the common app page where you log in). Have your teacher fill it out hardcopy and mail it in to the college. </p>

<p>Last resort, print out the whole application hardcopy and mail it in today, so to show you hit the deadline.</p>

<p>On the School Forms page, click the 'Invite Official' button to invite a teacher to complete a teacher evaluation. Once you have invited your teacher you can then assign that teacher to the college to which you want to submit the Common App.</p>