Common App Essay About Hair

Essay About Hair

Hello! I’m a rising senior and and currently drafting my common app essay. My current idea is to write about my hair color journey as a metaphor for self-improvement. Specifically, I’ve dyed my hair blonde before and then decided to go back to black, but in between it went through many different colors between black and blonde because I didn’t use purple shampoo. Blonde hair is easily changed without bleach, whereas black hair can’t. I want to take about how before I’d change myself so that others would like me better and I would be super inclined to hate myself more if someone said something behind my back or if I saw someone that was “better” than me. But now with my black hair, I’m working on being more confident so I don’t just change for the wrong reasons. I’m not sure if it’s a reach though. Thoughts? Thank you :slight_smile:

I think an essay about changing hair color, if done well, could be fun and interesting but I would not delve deeply into “hating” yourself. It might be better to keep it as self-exploration, playing around with different identities and how the different hair colors played into that. Just my thoughts.


I think an essay on personal growth and maturation through what I am guessing is struggles with colorism can be a very powerful topic. I would love to read an essay like that!

My daughter wrote a similar essay about her alopecia and confidence.

Listen to @compmom. Your not there yet. It can be a fun and clever read if written correctly. Like the idea but you need to really be able to execute this.