Common app essay - bungee jumping

can you vividly describe jumping from a high place like bungee jumping? and that amazing feeling of fear and happiness that comes with it? I need to visually describe with imagery the art of letting go and just jumping.

i’m almost finished with my essay… was just having a hard time coming up with a powerful connection.

In the end you need to be sure your essay: 1)highlights something positive about yourself that can’t be found elsewhere in the application and 2) gives admission officers a reason to want you on their campus.

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Feel free to send it to me. Or I can PM you.

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If u tie it to yourself and the feelings…whether exhilaration, fear or otherwise then yeah

Google papa Johns + auburn + Yale. She wrote about waiting for her papa johns.

If u can show about yourself I love the idea. Of course I’m not an AO.

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That’s great. Someone will now steal your essay.

Please delete it. Do not post essays. If someone says you can PM it to them then send that way.

I don’t think there’s much danger in that, since the essay is really, really bad.


I thought trying too hard but……

Following a dark and stormy night, I approached the bungee cord and looked out upon the vast ocean and noted that the sea was angry that day my friend.