Common app Essay clarification - university of Arizona question

My DD is applying for University of Arizona. She needs to submit answer to the following as part of the application:

“If you would like to share any relevant information about your academic record that is not reflected on your transcripts, including, for example, hardships you’ve experienced, or any learning and/or attention differences, you may do so”

She has an upward trending GPA from freshman year (first year GPA was the lowest). She wants to write about time management and taking on too much in freshman year including many clubs and how she realized this and and tried to fix her time management issues and as a result she continued getting good grades even with taking all of the tough courses her school offered. She plans to write about her additional classes that she took online that her school did not offer and continued to do well.

Is the time management correct topic to write about for the above essay?

Thanks In advance!

Definitely. It is a catch-all question and kids can talk anything they choose. What she wants to say fits well in the extra information and can only help


Time management is a great topic to write about…Open and honest is always the best route to go…Good luck. My son got accepted to U of A this morning…submitted his app directly to U of A 6 weeks ago. :slight_smile:

In general, you want to go for “glass half full,” not revelations that can leave them wondering if there’s some continuing issue or that, to conquer one challenege you’re hyper in some other ways.