Common app essay error

Hi. I just realized I made a mistake on my common app essay after submitting my application. At one instance I wrote “Being born with a silver spoon in my mouth…” and at another point I wrote “Originating from a middle-class family…” , contradicting my own statement. Plus, my university’s deadline was 15th jan. Will the university accept my essay if I edit it and mail it to them AFTER the deadline? If yes, is my error even worth the edit? Please help.

I believe that is up to the school if they will allow that. We had a safety school app we rushed out to meet a free application deadline that had an error and when we spoke to the school they didn’t seem very interested in helping. It was a fairly minor error and really didn’t matter anyway but yours would throw up some red flags in my opinion. If you edit and resubmit it may draw more attention to what you wrote if they notice.

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If i edit, they won’t know what was wrong in my previous essay because they will only read the updated one, isn’t that so?

As a rule, being born in a middle class family can be considered being born with a silver spoon in your mouth, so these are not contradictory statements. Contradictory statements would be “I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth” and “my parents struggled to put food on the family”, or “originating in a low0income family”. Many people in the top 20% by income consider themselves to be “middle class”. In fact there was recently a ridiculous article claiming that one need an income of $200,000 to have what the author considered to be a “middle class life”.

All that this implies is that you consider yourself very lucky to have been raised in a middle class family. That does not indicate anything negative about you, in fact, the opposite.

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Could you please tell me if the same implies if the complete sentence is “Originating from a middle class background, I was well aware of the fact that requesting my parents for involvement would only cause a burden on them”. (referring to borrowing money)

From the sounds of it, yes. Middle class can really be anything, as long as you don’t talk about a glitzy vacation jet-setting to the Bahamas every summer.

The Pell grant is qualified for students of low-income families who make less than $60,000 a year. Middle-class can be anywhere from $60,000 to even $122,000. Which Income Class Are You?. So, your college tuition and borrowing money really could be a burden upon your parents because that could end up taking a huge financial chunk out of your parents’ expenses.

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Thank you!!