Common App Essay Question: Is this bad..?

<p>As you may know, there are two writing sections in the Common app, a short one and a long one. I chose to write about golf in the long one, and how it has influenced me as a person, etc. The short one is about extracurricular activities though, and I honestly only have a few. My biggest ec is volunteering at a junior golf academy, teaching little kids how to golf and stuff. Is it bad if I write about this for my short essay? I'm worried because both essay will have to do with golf. However, the short one is more about the kids than the golf...still! I need to know. I don't want to ruin my chances because of this. ):</p>

<p>I wrote about jazz band for the short one, and a specific marching band competition (and how it influenced me, blah blah blah) for the long one. So both of mine were about music (I'm going to be a music major).</p>

<p>I think as long as they're not about exactly the same thing, having both be about one activity is ok. It will certainly show that you are very passionate about golf. I say go for it, especially if you can't think of anything else.</p>