Common App Essay Topic # 1

Is writing about religious diversity appropriate? I was thinking about writing on living in a Muslim majority country where I practiced different religion. Please can anyone give me insights about it.

It’s hard to write about other religion I think. Because you are living with the majority of a specific people then how do you know well about others?

If you were sensitive about any potential controversies and didn’t offend any group of people it could work.

Thank you for your feedback @Feadueal and @Fetch56!

Thank you too @Danny3895

Still need some more people’s views about this sensitive topic. I don’t wanna sound too victimized living as a minority in my country. Please help!

I think it is difficult to say without reading your essay. With any controversial topic, people will tell you to stay away, so I think it really depends on how you write it, does it reveal something about you and the way you think, is it written in a positive light, etc.

@Fishnlines29 Alright! So I will write my first draft completely and show it to people who I need to.