Common App essay

Hi guys. I’m about to start writing the common app essay and would be grateful if you guys could give any extra advice or views on it.

Essay’s Overview-- Had past trauma, mother had mental health issues due to domestic abuse, that pushed me towards mental health awareness, what I learnt from several friends and peers undergoing different psychological issues, what I did to try and help them, will mention some specific events, will also write about increasing demotivation of students to study in my community.

I’m writing on this topic cuz adults where I live are completely oblivious to the existence of mental health issues among children and teenagers. (Will be mentioning this as well in the essay).

P.S. - I don’t intend to major in it, but will most probably choose psychology as a minor

Would love to hear what you think about it :smiley:.

Focus on how these experiences have affected you regarding motivation, insights, & maturation / growth.

You need a theme to connect all of your events & relationships covered in the essay.

Since it seems like you have spent a lot of time thinking about these events and how they inter-relate to your development, you need to write a first draft or two in order to receive meaningful advice.

Think before you write.

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Thanks a lot!!!