Common App HELP!

hi everyone =)
i’m in the process of completing my common app online… but my essay is over the 500 word limit - it’s about 600 words or so. do you think that’ll b okay?
What i don’t understand is that it says in red BOLD:
“Text beyond the limits WILL BE TRUNCATED!” and it says “Personal Statement (essay) field displays a maximum of approximately 1800 characters.”
but then it also says -
What you see in your Print Preview is exactly what your college(s) will see.

I put my essay in… and in my Print Preview everything comes out fine. all 634 words.

Has anyone who has already submitted their common app… know whether or not I can leave my essay above the word limit? Would it appear to the colleges the say i see it in the Print Preview… or still truncate it? pleasee help! thanks in advance~

<p>yeah i had a similar thread going a few weeks before. i sent it just as it is, because everything showed up in print preview.</p>

<p>634 is a pretty large percentage over 500.</p>

<p>do u think it's too much? i don't know.. i was looking thru other forums..and for some people who applied on paper and got accepted had like essays over the limit too by just as much or more. is it a big deal to go over?</p>

<p>i think you should try to revise more and try to cut unnecessary words if possible</p>