Common App Help

I am attempting to apply online using the Common App to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, WashU, NYU. I have everything pretty much done but i am having trouble with one thing. I have written two good essays that can both be used for the Common App main essay. I want to use one of them as the main essay for Harvard and WashU, and the other as the main essay for Princeton, Yale, and NYU do to the supplument questions being very similar. On the Common App website it says i dont have to send the app to all the schools at once, but i can copy the app and send at a later time. What it doesn’t say, though, is if i can change any aspect of my app before i send it again (the essays). I was hoping to send to Harvard and WashU with Essay#1, change the app and send to the others with Essay #2. Is that possible? please help

<p>Yes. After you send it in (I applied early to Yale and did this), then it automatically makes a copy that you can change (including the essays). You can then make as many copies as you desire.</p>

<p>ty for the response. u helped alot</p>