Common App: How do you record #hours/week for a travel club team?

Her winter sport club team is local but we travel to league games/tournaments anywhere from 3-6 hours away. Typical season has 2 home game weekends and up to 8 away game weekends; season runs Oct-Feb.

Her other club team (different sport) is based out of a city many hours away. She tries to practice with them a few times a year but mostly she travels with that team to out of state tournaments, typically 5 tournaments per year.

Wondering how athletes record their time playing club sports in the Common App? Does travel time ever factor into those hours or just playing time?

I suppose you could but we just did actual play/practice times. If we added all the flights, hotel stays, and travel times it may have seemed a bit much.

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For my daughter - she used 2 spaces on the Common App for her sport. (She was recruited and will be playing D1 in college next year) one entry for her team and the daily/weekly time commitment for practices and another line for travel, competitions outside of the local area. She did not count “travel time” like 48 hours for a weekend event - but put in an estimated hours for actual competition and then spoke about the travel in the descriptions - ie: load vans with equipment prior to travel and upon return and summarized US and International events vs a laundry list of each competition. She spoke more about community and leadership vs accomplishments and time.


My club team normally competed 3-9 hours away for larger events, and I did not record travel time, but I did include all time spent at the event venue even if I wasn’t playing the whole time. I did all mine in one line, did not describe travel, just accomplishments.

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