Common App Mistake???

<p>So I goofed up on one small part of my Common App. Under the activities section, I wrote that I was on the leadership team for the "enviornmental" club rather than the "environmental" club. I realize its a very minor typo, but I'm really worried because I've already sent out my common app to quite a few selective schools (Brown, Columbia, UChicago, etc.)! I clearly know how to spell environmental, I even used it correctly in a couple of my essays for goodness sake! I was so concerned with editing and proof reading my essays, I missed that silly little switch of letters in my activity section... Should I worry about it? I understand there's literally no way to change it now, but some peace of mind would be helpful! I've seen a couple of these threads in the past years, but since my typo wasn't as glaring as a grammatical error or misspelling my name, I wasn't sure if it a little more "forgivable" to admissions officers...</p>

<p>I really wouldn’t worry about it. There is absolutely no way it will make a difference in any school’s decision. It’s beyond immaterial</p>