Common App mistake

Although I proofread my application several times, I failed to notice the instructions in the activities section. I listed all my extracurricular activities in chronological order instead of in order of importance. I am really upset at myself, especially after spending over 100 hours writing and rewriting essays to mostly T20 schools. Should I write an email to all the schools correcting my mistake or will that make things worse? I can’t believe that the first activity the AO will see is my Pep Band membership! My most important activities are in the middle and bottom of the list.

I don’t think it’s a big issue and wouldn’t bother pointing it out. On a positive note the last ones they read are the best. Might be a positive!


I would call admissions and maybe explain the situation. I wouldn’t give your name unless they ask (it’s just a question and often they don’t ask). To me, the fact that you went back and checked shows that you care and are clearly interested in the schools that you have applied to. I’m also a high school senior so don’t just listen to me, wait for others to comment. But, when I have admissions questions I generally have called to ask.

One of the schools I applied to required self reported grades and I checked the skip box on the Common App by mistake. I contacted them about it and still got admitted with the max out of state merit aid.

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I think you’re fine. I honestly wouldn’t worry about this at all. The Important thing is that you included your extracurriculars.

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