Common App online heellp!

Okay, im really VERY confused.
I have finished the common application, but when i print preview, EVERY single essay goes to the “see attached page” because it is saying that they are all too long, but they are all below the word limit, except for the awards essay… and it says that can only be 150 characters which is like, one sentence, so i am VERY confused. PLEASE HELP!

btw. i used to be rainsparkle, but i cant remember my password for that one… in case anyone cared.

<p>are we allowed to have them spill to another page?</p>

<p>i having the same problem... if my answer get above 50 words it says please see attached... so it comes down to would you rather submit 50 words, the appl look good, but not say all that you have to say OR the submit 150 words, say what you want, and the app. not look as good ..... i chose to do sure they wont mind flipping to the next page... </p>

<p>on the personal statement, you will get the see attached message...</p>

<p>okay so it wont get truncated?</p>

<p>It's not a big deal, my essays all were long (500-600 words)...
It will look like it looks in print preview. Should not hurt you.</p>


<p>okay, so my new question: Is having every single essay as "see addition page" going to look bad?</p>

<p>As long as you obey the word limit (within reason... 520 words isn't going to kill you), you're fine.</p>

<p>okay thanks</p>