Common App online problemos

For anybody applying online with the common app, does it let you indent the paragraphs? I copied and pasted all my essays, and when I looked in the print preview screen, none of the paragraphs were indented. is this a problem? How do you fix it?

<p>In the essay directions it says something about taking out all formatting including tabs and indents, or something like that. To separate my paragraphs I didn't indent, just put an extra space between them.</p>


<p>I want to go to Harvard because it is a great school. It has smart students, good professors, and my parents want me to go there. They say that if I don't they will disown me.</p>

<p>Another thing I like about Harvard is its history and prestige. It is unrivaled in its stuffiness and is full of pedants. </p>

<p>For these reasons, I want to go to Harvard.</p>

<p>(no offense to anyone who does want to go there... :) )</p>

<p>i didn't indent either or put tabs in when I copied and pasted my essay onto the online app. All I did was add a space between each paragraph. </p>

<p>It actually does show the indents in the beginning of paragraphs 2-4. Only the first paragraph has no indent in the preview screen.</p>