common app or JHU app

<p>Should I apply using the common app or the JHU app. Which would you say gives a better advantage during the admission process. The difference from what I perceive is that the common app could be used for many colleges, which might also tell JHU that you're not very commited to the college. On the other hand, common app essay questions are easier to write as the topic is much broader.</p>

<p>If my assumption is incorrect, please correct me.</p>

<p>Please answer. Thanks.</p>

<p>Apply with which ever application you want to apply - we have absolutely no preference. Applying via the common application does not put you at a disadvantage. We honestly do not care which application you use.</p>

<p>Do note though, that if you apply via the Common Application, as part of our supplement we STRONGLY RECOMMEND you submit the Johns Hopkins essays either in addition to or in lieu of the Common Application essay.</p>

<p>Thanks for your quick response, I just have some details I wish to clarify.</p>

<p>Would JHU admission give a slightly better advantage during the essay portion if a student submits both common app and both JHU app? If a student submits 4 essays (2 common, 2 JHU), and another student submits 2 essay (2 JHU); if both essay is of similar quality, would admission see them both as equal or the 4 essay would have an advantage.</p>

<p>interesting... admindan im sure knows but i think the hopkins essays were definitely more thought consuming that the common apps and it could either really help or hurt you i suppose... depending on how you answer it</p>

<p>There is no advantage or disadvantage provided depending on whether you submit the 2 JHU essays, or one common application essay and 2 JHU essays. If the JHU essays are submitted along with a common application essay, we focus much more on the JHU essays which we prefer. </p>

<p>We will not review 4 essays -- the max would be 3 essays (2 JHU essays and 1 common app.). And a student submitting 3 over 2 is not provided an advantage, it does not work like that. The content of the essays is what matters!!!</p>