Common App Parents' Schools

<p>My parents both went to undergrad in S. Korea. They're colleges don't have the code and dont appear in the search engine but I know I can just type in 00000 and write the name of the schools they attended.</p>

<p>Is it necessary to fill it out or can i say they didnt go to school cause it was in a diff country?</p>

<p>just making sure</p>


<p>It is necessary to fill it out. They attended school, so saying they didn’t would be lying.</p>

<p>Agree, you need to state that they attended college, no matter where it was.</p>

<p>thank you;)))</p>

<p>also for the future plans section, some schools ask if i intend to apply for aid? Can i put yes but not write my ss number? im just gonna put the ss number later on the other docs</p>

<p>^ Why? If they ask for your SSN and they say its necessary why would you not? You should put it down.</p>