Common App Personal Website/Adsense Question

<p>Ok under activities I can list work experience and I have owned a website for the past 3 years and I get paid by Adsense when my ads are clicked. So what should I put for "Position Held, Honors Won, Letters Earned, or Employer?" Should I put Google Adsense Affiliate or Personal blogger? And should I list my specific website? Would they view my website and if they do can it affect my application?</p>

<p>Bump. I have the same question.</p>

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<p>i have that question too... i have a youtube account that gets revenue (not that much) but does that count as job experience for scholarships and commonapp</p>

<p>bump, still need help.</p>

<p>Interesting question. I started writing for Hubpages a few months ago. I don't make much, a few cents to a few dollars a month. Would that count as employment or just a hobby?</p>

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<p>Yeah I also wanna know if posting a link to a site is ok? Someone help us!</p>