Common App Problem: Did I Screw Up?

<p>I sent my common app in about a month ago, along with the application of another university not on common app. The essay I wrote for the other university was essentially the same, reworded question as "Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you." from common app. Unfortunately, when I went in to put the file into common app, I left the other universities question on the top of the document and sent it in. To all 7 schools. Although my essay clearly answers either question, the other universities question is donning the top of my common app essay. I know, major brain fart.</p>

<p>A. Is this a serious issue?
B. Can I go about changing this?</p>

<p>Depends, if it were worded uniquely, they might recognize it or look it up. And it depends on what schools you're applying to as well.</p>


<p>A) Might be, if you wrote an essay for Yale/one school and then submitted the Common App to Harvard/a rival school.
B) Yes and No. The ones that you sent, are done- cannot be changed. You can request an "alternate application" from tech support and modify it for any future apps though.</p>