Common App Question IMPORTANT!!! Time Zone

<p>So I submitted my application at 11:30 here in Minnesota, but the common app apparently runs on Eastern Time, so it was technically submitted at 12:30 (Past the ED deadline), so will I be not be reviewed for Early Decision/Action to the school i applied to today?! Please help I'm freaking out!!!! I applied ED to Duke, and EA to DePaul!!!!!!</p>

<p>Calm down. The deadlines are guidelines, they aren't going to chop your balls off if you submit it half an hour late. In fact, you could almost certainly submit it three days from now and be alright.</p>

<p>I disagree with clandarkfire. I guess it's up to the school. When we toured Columbia and Princeton, both admission officers stated that they do read the time stamp when they review apps</p>

<p>@ngongs Yeah, to see if you submitted it a bunch of days late. There is a grace period, and at any school, 30 minutes late would fall under it.</p>

<p>Nonetheless, it is not a good practice to cut things so close to the wire, at all.</p>

<p>Yes, but it won't affect the OP's chances, which is what matters here to him/her, I'm assuming.</p>

<p>This application determines the next 4 years of life. Was it really worth it to procrastinate?</p>

<p>Guys, leave her alone. It was a time-zone related issue, although I would have submitted it earlier and checked about this before.</p>

<p>For your peace of mind, just call or email the admissions office, call anonymously off a blocked cell phone if you want, and ask. Even if they're not nice about it (which happens sometimes), you'll get an answer. Email might be better because if something goes wrong, you'll have a paper trail to say "But you said . . "</p>

<p>Leave the kid alone. I'm sure you've all procrastinated some time in your life.</p>

<p>First off I'm a male. Haha. And no I didn't procrastinate, I'm the type of person, where if I don't turn it in last minute I'm going to beat myself up and be like "I could have don't this better... ect". So no I wasn't procrastinating. </p>

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<p>My kid waited to the 11th hour too.</p>

<p>He sent it in on 10/31.</p>

<p>The kids from the northeast who couldn't submit their applications because of the power failures got a good lesson on the perils of proscrastination.</p>

<p>Lol, sorry.</p>

<p>@floridadad55 - I live in the northeast, got my EA app in on 10/23, but needed the extension for my teachers/GC to get everything in (due to their own work, I reminded several time, not my fault, nothing could be done). Anyway, the college needed the extension too to dig themselves out of the snow and process all the apps.</p>