Common app recommendation

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>I have an urgent question regarding the submission of recommendation. My teachers have already submitted their recommendations but I just selected them on schools forms today in the area that says</p>

<p>"You must select the teachers below whose recommendations will be submitted to this institution on your behalf. This institution requires 2 teacher evaluations. " </p>

<p>Does this mean they have to re-submit or something? How do we know if common app received it?'</p>


<p>Is it marked as complete on the main teacher recommendation section? If yes, then don't worry about it. You just pick the teachers from the drop down menu for each school, and it should go through.</p>

<p>Yes it is "complete" on the main page, and thank you! I was worried about having to have my teachers re-submit because I didn't know whether they had it saved or not and would feel horrible if I needed them to rewrite.</p>

<p>If you click through your schools, you will see that you have to select teachers for each school individually. Some schools only let you have 2, some let you add more. If the rec is in the common app, then after you select, the teacher submission date appears right away. Then you wait to see the school shows they have downloaded it.</p>