Common App Recommendations

<p>If I want to apply to multiple Common App schools, will my teachers have to submit recommendations to each school? Or is it set up so that they only have to complete it once?</p>

<p>I'm asking because I'm planning on applying last-minute to UNC-Wilmington by the Feb. 1 deadline, but I need a recommendation letter. I've already applied to UNC-Chapel Hill, so I've already asked some teachers to fill out forms for that. Will they have to complete a separate one for UNCW?</p>

<p>Once you've invited a teacher to be a recommender for you, they are in the system associated with your account. Assuming they do the recommendation online, you are all set. If the teacher needs to do a recommendation hardcopy, then you will have to print out the teacher eval form and give them enough stamped, addressed envelops for each school. If you want to add another school, you would just 'add recommender' to the new school in the school forms section.</p>