Common App & Sending Scores

<p>One school D is applying to specifically stated it wants to see ALL scores, so we already paid and had all of her ACT, SAT, and SAT2 scores sent to that school. However, none of her schools require SAT2's (and her scores were okay but nothing that would help strengthen her app). Therefore, we did not have her SAT2 scores sent to any of the other schools. Unfortunately, when filling out her Common App, instead of creating an alternate version of the Common App for that one school, she she included all scores (including her SAT2's) on the Common App that went to all her Common App schools. I did not realize she had done this until after she submitted, so it is too late to change how it was done. So here is my question: Do I now need to pay to have the SAT2 scores sent to each school, or since they don't require it, is it okay to have the scores reported on her Common App but no official scores sent?</p>

<p>If they don't require them then I wouldn't bother sending them unless you feel inspired to do so. They will not accept scores that are not confirmed by the collegeboard so I guess they will just not pay much attention.</p>

<p>However, one of our guidance counselors said that taking Subject tests shows schools you have taken a bit more initiative so for the schools your D is most interested, you might want to spend the extra $10.50 to send those scores along too.</p>