Common APP Short Answer-MUN-(I will Read Yours, plus we're all nervous, please help:)

<p>Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences in the space below (1000 character maximum). </p>

<p>Model United Nations (MUN) has been key to my high school experience. Due to my experience as an immigrant I always possessed a unique perspective and curiosity in world affairs. Even in 9th grade, at my first conference, I knew immediately that I had found something extraordinary. Throughout the last four years, after debating from New York to San Diego, I have found that MUN is a necessity for me. MUN has become an ever flowing well at which I can always drink not only heartily but also unabashedly. At school I had always preferred discussing the tie between Keynesian economics and the rise of social liberalism to the latest Gossip Girl episode but only at an MUN conference was I able to foster my interests and concerns. I discovered myself through MUN. I discovered a work ethic that compelled me to accept nothing but my best. I discovered what I loved-the pursuit of knowledge. I owe MUN a special recognition for awakening me, for compelling me to care and to explore that dark and sometimes perilous chasm of understanding with nothing more than the lantern of imagination and curiosity to guide me. </p>

<p>Am i barking up the wrong tree? I wanted to show what MUN did for me</p>

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