Common App. Short Answer sent too early.. anything I can do?

<p>My college guidance counselor quite literally forced me to submit my Common App. before I was ready. I go to a private school and college applications are taken very seriously. I told him I was unhappy with my Short Answer but we were in college seminar (college application class) and didn't want to cause a scene. But I should have. Looking back at my Short Answer, it says absolutely nothing about me. But I have a new one which I like. I've emailed all of my schools, requesting to send a revised copy of my essay. I actually didn't specify it was my Short Answer, which was a mistake...ah. I'm really frustrated. I'm a borderline student academically so I think the essays are perhaps even more important. I know that most admissions officers are on break and for the applications due on New Year's Day, I'm screwed. Is there anything else I can do???</p>

<p>I think you should forgive them and ask them you meant you want to resubmit your short answer. Otherwise they may be confused and think something is wrong with your essay. If they don't respond to your email then you should call the Admissions Office for your colleges. Sounds daunting, but try to stay calm. If your school places high regard for college applications then the colleges may find symapthy with you.</p>

<p>Can I explain that my counselor forced me to submit my Common App. to all of my schools in his office without sounding whiny?</p>

<p>I feel a bit more confident about those schools whose applications aren't due until January 15 or later, but I won't be able to reach the schools whose applications are due earlier. Do you think my chance at submitting a revised copy to those schools is hopeless? I've also found that my main essay needed a more objective eye. I asked my counselor for more critique, but he said it was fine. I disagree. Basically, I want to resubmit it all.</p>

<p>I really hope your schools place high regards to the personal statement. If you submitted the app, paid the fee and turned in all school forms then I doubt the colleges will reject your request to resubmit your essays outright. </p>

<p>Think about what you plan to submit before you email all your colleges again. Doing this without being whiny is easy, just don't sound desperate or impervious, whether through what you typed or what you say on the phone. You should talk to someone else you know about how to approach this.</p>

<p>For instance, one of the colleges I applied requires student rank. a week after the December 1 deadline for one college I found out my school district doesn't do weighted rank and I had to call the Office of Admissions to explain this. They told me it is okay and my guidance counselor should send a letter explaining the lack of rank in my school. So just don't panic and you'll be fine.</p>