common app short essay

I am an international student and I am not perfect in English yet.
I have written this short essay for describing extraordinary activity.
I may have many grammatical errors but I want you guys to read this and correct my mistakes. Criticism is always welcome on how I can make this essay better.
Thank you.</p>

<p>Peer tutoring as a member of California Scholarship Federation has made a big impact on my high school career. Signing up as a sophomore for mere purpose of embellishing my college application, I was not aware of great responsibility that followed this duty. Having to stay an hour after school in stead of soccer practice and having to tutor under circumstance of my incapability to communicate freely seemed too much to carry with sole motivation of slightly better-looking application. Soon, I realize there are many people desperately needing my help to prevent any F's in upcoming report cards. Giving explanations of simple algebra problems, regardless of my verbal limitation, resulted in a sense of achievement and a great boost of confidence in expressing my mind to others. CSF is no longer an activity that I sit down and wait until the clock runs out but my weekly routine to not only help others but to enhance myself to make better me and better future.</p>