Common app short question help

<p>In my junior year, i joined the Model UN club. i started without the vaguest idea of what it was about and i did not really care for politics. However, from the first conference, i loved the debate. The ability to participate in politics and legislation making was exhilarating. I witnessed the culminations of different cultures come together to create solutions. This diversity has helped me grow more understanding and open minded as well as making me more culturally and politically aware. I moved from conference to conference and each time i learned a bit more about the world's major events and it's peoples. As my knowledge grew so has my sophistication to the art. I now have a passion and appreciation for the practice of debate, as I've been elected advisor to the Secretary General of my club and i plan to continue in college.</p>

<p>how is this? is it best to leave out this (from the weaponization of space to the blood diamonds of Sierra Leone) after politics in the fourth sentence? and i am really appreciating the feedback thank you all.</p>