Common App & Timing

With the common app opening on 8/1 and D22 finalizing her essay she’s like to start applying ASAP. However her teachers have said that her LOR won’t be completed until the end of August or early September. And her counselor would likely not be sending transcripts and the counselor report until about that time either. Should she start the process on her end with the Common App and SRAR, or wait until she has a more complete application to submit? Any former experience is appreciated!

Get it done. At least the essay. The sooner the less stress.

Depending on your school list some don’t look at LORs or essays. Some of the publics that is.

But get your part done and then just ensure the school keeps on schedule. It’s way early but you’d be ahead of the curve.

Also once common app opens you can look at the supplemental essays you schools will require and start attacking them.

Anything you get done (with quality) b4 school starts is a win .


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Thank you! She has done all of the parts of the common app that will rollover (her account info and activities etc) and we know which schools have the additional supplements for 2022 so I think she’s in good shape. I just didn’t know how schools look at “incomplete” applications but I guess the requirements always kinda roll in. Thanks for the thoughts, much appreciated!

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They have deadlines. If you choose to apply early and you don’t need to, but they will give you a portal. It will list all the requirements and have check boxes for what’s in. And what’s not.

You may wait to apply until you have your LORs as those are linked to Common App.

Few schools are rolling and if you are into those by Nov 1 you are on time. Other schools have deadlines and won’t look at your app til after no matter what.

Where you will err by applying before LIRs are in is if they are optional for a school, and they are rolling, they might review your app without.

I would finish my app including college specific essays but wait til it’s complete with LORs b4 hitting send.

I’d also take the extra time to have your essays reviewed by a couple unbiased people you trust. They can always be improved.

So you are in good place. But walk. Don’t run. You will be way early as it is.

Good luck.

Once the common app rolls over on Aug 1 and she completes her parts of the app there is no reason to wait for LoRs before submitting the app. The colleges will get them when they are uploaded (your D can specify which LoRs she wants to go to which colleges). Once the application is submitted, your D will set up her portal and can can track the various required application components to make sure each school receives everything.