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<p>I have been working at AK Food Mart is my fathers convenient store and gas station. I have been working there for almost 9 years. I really enjoy working there even though I started working there just to help my father out and soon I began take over more and more responsibility when I started high school I began to also work there almost 25-40 hours a week most of them on the weekends. Business wasn't good enough for us at the time afford another employee so we had to the best. I was skipping school a lot and messed all my grades and just didn’t pay attention to it because I had no plans to attend college. During this process I missed out on my high school years I didn't go to prom or my senior trip because I had to work. Shouldn’t I be I was getting 250 dollars a week with no bills to worry about. I learned a lot working there met a lot of people at 16 I was in a sense running my own business I had a lot of responsibilities there like doing all the banking and managing the inventory and managing the employees. Every time I’m sitting in class in college now and my professors are taking about accounting, management and human resources I feel I’m just learning to official terms for it because I know and have practiced a lot of the stuff. </p>

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