Common App Transfer Questions (NYU, Columbia Chance?)

<p>Hi, first and foremost I have a few questions about the common app. I am a current freshman in college trying to transfer for fall 2012.</p>

<li>Under Secondary School Grades, do I fill in the grades for my college or from high school?</li>
<li>Can my instructors not submit the recommendation forms online?</li>

<p>Secondly, I would like you guys to chance me (For NYU and Columbia) purely based on my GPA and test scores. I already know I have good extracurriculars. I am in a top 60 state school.</p>

<p>College 1st Semester GPA: 3.785</p>

<p>High School GPA: 3.4/4 UW, 4.4/5.1 W
-Was a very rigorous magnet school, no AP classes but all honors.
-Upward trend throughout the years</p>

<p>SAT (1 sitting): 2090/2400</p>

<p>M: 730
V: 660
W: 700</p>

Bio E: 750
Chem: 740</p>

<p>AP: English Literature and Composition: 4</p>

<p>Also, would you give some general transfer tips for a newbie? Thank you all in advance!</p>

<li>Secondary school refers to HS.</li>
<li>For transfer admissions, the Instructor Evaluation form must be submitted hard copy, uploading and electronic submission is not an option.</li>

<p>General transfer tip: It's difficult to transfer 'up' as a soph to a school you were not competitive for as a fr applicant. When decisions are made, colleges will only have final grades for 1 college semester, so HS grades, course rigor and test scores will be heavily weighted.</p>

<p>Alright thank you. Does that mean that I don't put my college stats anywhere? I suppose it is just up to my college adviser to send in my transcript?</p>

<p>There's a place on the College Report form to put current year courses and grades. They only ask for the number of prior year(s) college credit, but the College Official gives your cumulative gpa, etc. in the lower section of that form. You need to arrange with your school to have official transcripts sent, they should be included with this form (see the instructions at the top of the form).</p>

<p>Alright thanks!</p>

<p>Anyone up for chancing me?</p>

<p>Good chance at NYU, probably no chance at Columbia.</p>

<p>That's around what I think as well; NYU is my real aim anyways, Columbia is just my reach. If I can get into NYU I will be happy.</p>