Common App w/ Adobe Acrobat?

<p>I downloaded the trial version of Acrobat to fill out my applications. I'm doing the common application, and I'm wondering what I should do to fill out the honors and awards part concerning my ECs. The problem is that I don't have enough space to fill out everything I want to put on the blanks...
Here are my questions:
-Can I abbreviate things to fit more, or should I try fit the whole words?
-Should I try put all my achievements in that area, or only one or two at most of my most important achievements?
-Is there a way in Acrobat to make the font size smaller or make two small lines out of the form field to fit more in the space?
-Also, do colleges really care what you put down for your most important ECs? I plan on putting "raising and showing sheep" as my most important one, but playing saxophone is close behind. Would it be better to put the saxophone one first since it's more academically related, or should I just leave it how I truly feel?</p>

<p>If people could answer all of these questions for me, it would be much appreciated!</p>


<p>The size of the common app area was ridiculous. My D abbreviated in the actual app and then attached a resume that explained the activities better.</p>


<li> You can abbreviate.</li>
<li> List a few of your activities.</li>
<li> If you do that, you'll make it look more cluttered. If space is an issue, just attach an extra sheet or tell the college you are sending the iformation under a seperate cover.</li>
<li> Lead with the Sheep, definately more interesting than the saxaphone.</li>

<p>Hope this is of use. :)</p>