Common Application Inquiry

<p>Hello! I am intrigued by the concept of the Common App, but some aspects of it are perplexing. I checked the website to research it, but there wasn't any substantial information. So, is there a standardized fee for each college one applies to? Or is the fee varying for each college by what the college sets as the fee? And, can you apply to every school that is a member with the Common App simply by paying and filling it out (excluding supplement essays)? For example, could I potentially apply to Yale, Hendrix College, UVA, Pomona, and Emory with the same application? (random schools off the top of my head) Thank you. I know this sounds trite, but the whole concept seemed "too good to be true" and not accumulate any "catches." Thank you for any responses!</p>

<p>The fee for an application to each college varies - the college chooses what it is. Most fees are around 60-80 dollars. The college also chooses whether you can pay the fee before you have submitted the supplement or not.
Yes, excluding the school supplement, you can apply to numerous colleges with the same common application. If you were applying to Yale, Hendrix and Pomona, you would fill out the common application once; you would then fill out the Yale supplement, the Hendrix supplement, and the Pomona supplement. There are small aspects of the common application that you must fill out for each school (fields of interest, I think?) but the majority of the common app is filled out once and sent to all schools.
Good luck!</p>

<p>You can use the same version of the Common App to apply to multiple schools. The only catch I can think of is the fact that most (maybe even all) Common App schools require a supplement which includes an essay.</p>

<p>The Common App is free to use. Unless you submit electronically, I don't believe that the people behind the Common Application has any way of knowing which school(s) you have applied to. The only fees that you have to pay are the standard application fees that a college charges all of its applicants.</p>

<p>Thank you very much for all the insight! I was just wondering if there was a particular standardized fee for all colleges when utilizing the Common Application, and apparently the fee varies for each individual school. That clears things up! Thank you very much!</p>