Common Application -- PLEASE HELP ??confused??

<p>It says on stuff like the Teacher Reccomendations and School Reports to "Attach on a seperate sheet" for further information or to attach copies of the last three years of school. I thought the entire process can be online?? How can my school attach my transcripts online??? Because I read on many college websites that the entire process has to be either be ENTIRELY ONLINE or ENTIRELY PAPER applications. Or is this rule only for MY papers and not school-forms/papers?</p>


<p>Relax - it all works out fine. Teachers and counselors, can either send letters through the mail or online. Schools can send grades however they want to. Typically, what you're seeing about all-paper or all-online is referring to the actual application you fill out. Supplemental materials can arrive however they arrive and will find their way into your file 99% of the time (which means you still have to check about 3 weeks later to make sure materials are received. </p>

<p>The Common App says teachers and counselors can submit online or through mail, but that they must use the same method for all students. So, if a teacher submits online for one student, he/she has to submit online for all other students he happens to write for. I have to admit I wonder how in the world they enforce this. If Mr. Math teacher submits a letter to university A online for Johnny, is University B going to know or care if they get a letter through the mail for Susie from that same teacher??</p>

<p>Haha okay so it does not matter? strange.. sounds really constrictive!
Quick (silly, i know) question:
Would working full-time during the summer be considered Extracur. or Work Experience? I WILL NOT BE PAID</p>


<p>It would be Work Experience--just list it as unpaid--could you consider it an internship?</p>