Common Application vs. school application

So far I have 7 schools that I’m fairly sure I’m applying to. Of those 7, 3 only will accept the common app, while 4 accept both the common app and their own application. My question is, in that situation, is it better to send the common app, or will they look at your application with a higher regard if you took the time to use their application? I spoke with the rep from Goucher College who came to my school and he said for them it didn’t matter, whichever was more convienient for me, but is that typically the same for most schools? It would be much easier that way, as I wouldn’t have to write a ton of essays, but I’ll put the time into it if they’ll look at my application with a higher regard that way.

<p>yep. If they accept the common app, they're saying that they will NOT discriminate against someone just because they used it. They offer two options because there are some people (like myself) who doesn't particularly love the way the common app is set up and would actually RATHER fill out the school's applicaction for their top choice school.</p>

<p>Thanks, that'll save me some time! My top choice school (Skidmore, in upstate NY) will only accept the common app anyway, so since I have to use it for them, I suppose I might as well use it for the other 6 schools.</p>