Common Data Set for SJU?

<p>I've been searching in vain for the current common data set for SJU. The most recent one I've found is from 2004 which is interesting but not really relevant. Can anyone please direct me to the most recent statistics concerning admissions, particularly for transfer students?</p>

<p>It seems to be down, but I'm sure if you write them, they can tell you where to look and/or when it will be back up.
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<p>I got this from US News:
I tried to fix the format, but you can see most of the info.</p>

<p>Transfer Students : St. Joseph's University</p>

Terms for which transfer students may apply for admission: Fall, Spring
Application date for transfer students: Rolling (Fall), Rolling (Spring)
Admission decision sent: Rolling (Fall), Rolling (Spring)
Deadline for accepting admissions offers: Rolling (Fall), Rolling (Spring)
Do transfer applicants need a minimum number of credits to apply? Yes, 12
Minimum required high school GPA: N/A
Minimum required college GPA: 2.5
High school transcript? Required of all
College transcript? Required of all
Essay/personal statement? Not required
Admission interview? Not required
Standardized test scores? Not required
Statement of good standing from prior institution(s)? Required of all
Lowest course grade that may be transferred for credit: 2.0
Maximum number of credit/courses that may be transferred: 60 from a two-year school, 60 from a four-year school
Is there a minimum number of credits needed to complete degree? 30 credits for an associate degree, 60 credits for a bachelor's degree
Transfer Student Application and Enrollment Statistics<br>
Total number of transfer students applying for Fall 2008: 282
Total number of transfer students accepted for Fall 2008: 186
Total number of transfer students enrolled for Fall 2008: 77</p>

<p>Based on comparisons between the CDS that I could retrieve, the data on this website is from two application year's ago, so this should reflect St. Joe's CDS data for the incoming class of 2008. See Admission's Tab, Profile of Fall 2008 Admission</p>

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<p>Thanks for the links.</p>