Common Data set

Anyone have the link to the Columbia University Common Data set?

Finding it hard to find.

I don’t think they participate in cds.

Columbia doesn’t complete a CDS. Here is the page of the reports they do make available:

You can also look them up on IPeds, but at certain points of the year, that reflects two year old data.

Of the 100 schools with a ~median IPEDS SAT of 1400 or higher, Columbia one of a handful that don’t publish a CDS that I could find.

(Chicago is the other big name that I recall.)

In that SAT range Colby and Babson don’t complete CDSs either, and many more that do fill out the CDS, don’t do so completely. And don’t even get me started on fields such as average GPA and the myriad ways schools calculate that!

One can always look at IPEDs for data and/or contact a given school’s institutional reporting department. A bit of a hassle, but often the IR departments will share good data.

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Are they all driven by the same or different motives?

That’s a good question that I don’t know the answer to!

Some of the CDS requested data is hard to get at, and many schools just don’t have the time (or desire) to calculate things like average GPA…so they leave those fields blank, or put in something crazy (like the average of the highest GPA on each transcript).

I think that by federal law the schools have to maintain the information – usually by an Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, or something similarly named – but not all choose to make it available in the CDS format. You might try contacting the said office and ask whether they can provide the information to you.