Common Data Set

<p>I was just wondering -- does anyone know when schools usually have their new common data set info available? ie, when should data for the current year's admissions, 2005-2006, be available?</p>

<p>(fyi for anyone who doesn't know -- common data set is admissions, enrollment, etc. information in a standardized format so you can compare stats from one school to another -- many schools make this info available on their websites though you sometimes have to search for it.)</p>

<p>Here's a link for the National Center for Education Statistics website where you can access the common data set for every college: <a href=""&gt;;/a>
Unfortunately, still last years stats.</p>

<p>Another poster put up this helpful list of links a while back. Can't answer the original question, though.
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<p>It would have to be October at a minimum. Many numbers aren't official until three weeks into the term. You can't figure enrollment or yield until that date has passed.</p>

<p>October is the earliest you might see the new Common Data Set info.</p>

<p>The information typically appears with what is, in effect, a 7 year lag. For example, the 2004-5 CDS is the last one available for most schools, and this refers to the entering (freshman) class of 1998. By next summer, you will be able to find data for the next cohort. I think the main reason for the 7-year lag has to do with their need to calculate the "6 year graduation rate."</p>

<p>Only for grad rates</p>