Common Essay

<p>I choose option number 5 and I wrote a normal human being essay. It isn't silly or weird but just straight from the heart. Will this work against me? Also, are there any research materials any oif you can recommend because I would like to learn a lot more about this University. Thank you.</p>

<p>It isn't an "uncommon prompt" but it is unique to me, in the sense that it can only be produced by me. Will being honest person and not a comformist hurt me (comfrom by being odd)?</p>

<p>It's CONFORM.</p>

<p>Not COMFORM.</p>

<p>If you wrote a standard, boring, common essay, then yes, that will hurt you. Chicago asks these questions because they want to see creativity and thinking.</p>

<p>If you write an interesting essay whether using UofC's prompt or one of your own, it won't matter at all if other aspects of your application are strong. They aren't looking for conformists. They just want to see whether you can think, are creative or interesting.</p>