Common question? Any suggestions?

<p>Keeping it short and precise-----Which is the best community college in terms of transfer to various colleges(obvio good ones :) )
I can attend a CC in California and Connecticut.
Plus--What are the chances of transfer from a CC in one state to a 4 year college in some other state?
I am a US citizen living temporarily in India.I am not going to a CC cause I'm a dud but we're really low on finances
ANy help would be much appreciated
PS: If you could name 3 or more CCs, that'd be great :D</p>

<p>CCs aren’t ranked, so it’s impossible to say what the “best” one would be. If you go to CC, you at least have a shot at transferring almost anywhere. But at most CCs, students transfer to the nearest state university. A lot of times, state universities have agreements with CCs that make it really easy to transfer there. So your best option is a CC that’s close to a top state university.</p>

<p>Thanks mmmgirl. You got any idea which one is the best for berkeley?</p>

<p>Community college means just that, a part of the community. So you need to pick a community where you can live in order to find a college.</p>

<p>Very few of them have residential accommodations and a majority of the community college students stay at home.</p>

<p>Okay!! :slight_smile: thanks</p>

<p>In order to be eligible for in-state tuition, please take a close look at requirements for state residency for universities in California & Connecticut. The requirements can be quite stringent. </p>

<p>When (2013 or 2014?) are you planning on joining a community college?</p>

<p>trinity 2013… yeah ,for the 1st year,they’ll consider me OOS but next year I’ll fulfill all my requirements and be IN state</p>


That MAY be true for the community college. That may not apply when you transition to a four year school. You need to contact the admissions depts for each to find out.</p>

<p>Yes! @erin’s dad— I’ve got dough to pay for 2 yrs OOS but would really be tight if I complete all 4 OOS.That’s why the CC. :)</p>

<p>If you want to go to Berkeley, try contacting the folks in their transfer center for information on community colleges where their most successful transfers come from. [TRSP</a> Center @ UC Berkeley](<a href=“]TRSP”></p>

<p>Do talk to Berkeley and other schools on your list to which you are considering transfer in 2 years time and ask if there are any CCs with which they have agreements and which they would recommend if any. Also ask the community college that you are considering if they have any programs that give favorable admissions for those completing an AS degree to continue for a BA/BS degree, and find out what colleges they have any affiliation with.</p>