Common Reasons Students Leave Law School

" LAW SCHOOL GRADUATESare common among the leading ranks of politicians, business leaders and many other fields – but what about law school dropouts?

President Theodore Roosevelt leftColumbia Law Schoolafter a year to run for the New York state legislature. Journalist Diane Sawyer lasted only a semester at theUniversity of Louisville School of Law. Comedian Demetri Martin leftNew York University School of Lawafter two years, saying it felt like a “waste" of time once he had found his passion for stand-up comedy.

They all landed on their feet. But the thousands of other law students who drop out each year likely feel more regretful, even if they find new and gratifying pursuits.

Before investing time,money, and energy into law school, think about the following reasons why many law students drop out and how you can avoid making a costly misstep.

  • Overconfidence
  • Unanticipated hardship
  • Unmet expectations
  • Wrong fit" …