Commonapp fee waiver & deadline...

Hi! I’m going to request the common application fee waiver, but I’m worried about the deadline. If I request a fee waiver and submit the application, then my application is not officially submitted before colleges approve it? Deadline is Jan 1st and I think I will submit my application just before the deadline… So I am really worried about this… Does anyone know fee waiver process well? Help

You will probably be late because your school’s GC/college access person will have to approve the waiver based on your eligibility for free/reduced lunch.

With everyone on winter break, the earliest the waiver can be approved is January 2. Even if you submit your application, it is not going anywhere without the fee or a fee waiver.

Why did you wait until the last minutes you know that you cannot afford the application fee?

Just read that u are an international student so nothing posted above pertains to you.

You have a laundry list of issues…

You would have to contact each school individually for a fee waiver, because you will not be eligible for a common app fee waiver. If you need a fee waiver to apply to school, it is virtually screaming you need money to make this work. All of your applications will Probably be after the deadline.

In addition there are only 5 schools that are both need blind and will meet 100% demonstrated need for international students (and international transfer students). Financial aid is virtually non-existent for international transfer students.

I hesitate to ask this…but why did you wait until the last minute to make this request…and during a week when many college offices are CLOSED.

For others reading this thread…like HS juniors. Plan ahead…don’t do this.