CommonApp Letter of Reccomendation

So my counselor said she has already submitted my letter of recommendation on CommonApp but whenever I open my account, it clearly reads “Not Started”. I asked her if she was sure she had pressed ‘submit’ and she said ‘sometimes it takes time to process the letter and this is normal’. Is this true or is she bsing me?

Does your high school use Scoir? I can see the status of document submissions at, i.e. the date the transcript and teacher and counselor recommendations were submitted to the various colleges. Naviance may have a similar feature.

i dont think they use scoir. they mostly send recommendations directly from the commonapp portal for recommenders. i asked another friend who said their letter was submitted successfully so I’m guessing she really is bsing me right now. do you think i should contact commonapp (just in case, she isn’t?)

I guess you could contact them but I never have. Another option is to contact the head of your guidance department and say you are concerned about it.

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Yeah, I’ll do just that because I still haven’t received any updates plus she is refusing to pick up my calls now (kinda speaks for itself that she lied?). Thank you so much for your help!

I would ask someone else to do it at this point and let her know. If she isn’t answering your calls, maybe she is not in the mood to write anything positive.

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Probably too late for you, but once the Counselor (or recommender) hits submit, it immediately will show up on the portal. Likewise, once the school has downloaded (usually overnight), the status will change again.