Commonapp the poor choice?

<p>I am planning on applyling to many schools that accept the common application but also have their own applications. Does anyone know if such schools show a preference for their own or do they not distinguish between those that used commonapp and the respective school's application? Thanks in advance</p>

<p>officially, they are not supposed to favor their application over the common app- they have to sign an agreement. i really wouldn't worry about it. even if they happened to care.. it's not worth the time and that tiny thing will have no impact on your acceptance/rejection.</p>

<p>The common app is a Godsend. Daughter applied to 7 schools using the common app, she just filled out the supplemental info that each school was asking for. In the end she got accepted at all 7 schools.</p>

<p>Don't stress over it, it's a great time saver. All the best</p>