need help for common app. I use a different address to go to school but my transcripts will probably have the address I use for school on them but for common app and FAFSA I need to use my real address. What can I do? There is no way I can tell my school where I actually live it’s not an option. will it be an problem to use real address? as in transcripts and rec letters it will show what is used for school. Please help.

We are moving to the same address as in school since I still have time as I am a junior. That solved for us .But wanted the help for my friend.

If you are using another person’s address in order to attend a school in a district which you are otherwise not eligible to attend, you are breaking the law.

If I am misinterpreting the situation then please explain because other posters may have better suggestions for you. You don’t have to file the FAFSA if you can pay the full sticker price.

@Groundwork2022 I think OP’s family (or friend’s family?) owns multiple residences, which might account for why they choose one address vs. another for a preferred school. I’ve heard of similar situations before, though only second-hand accounts.

Then your friend can make an account to ask. But since “Asking for a friend” posts are not allowed, I’m closing.